XI Class Admission Result 2018 | www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd

XI Class Admission Result 2018 | www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd. Admission test is something which always carries huge importance among the students of Bangladesh. As the seats are very much limited, every year a number of students get involved into admission battle to make them capable of getting admitted into any institution. The SSC exam is knocking at the door as another year has been started. The SSC exam of 2018 will be started soon. And just after that another admission exam will be begin which will be Class XI Admission 2018.

XI Class Admission Result 2018 | www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd

Likewise every year Colleges including Dhaka’s one will come up with different program, to be very specific Class XI Admission tests so that the eligible candidates can able to get chance against few seats. All the updates of Class XI Admission will be found here in this write up as we ae here to update you with all the latest information. So if you are here for XI Class Admission Result 2018, or HSC admission of 2018, then please go through the complete article here as lots of important stuffs are waiting for you.

HSC Admission Circular 2018

HSC Admission Circular 2018 has not been published yet as it will be published just after the completion of SSC exam of the year 2018. However based on the data from previous year we can still give you some idea about HSC Admission Circular 2018. Before going to that part we would like to tell you that all the information given here are based on our assumptions. SO the dates might vary a bit. We will inform you whenever any changes happens or any official update comes.

  • The probable date of starting the HSC Admission Application of 2018 is May 9, 2018 or any day near to this date
  • The candidates will be given the chance to apply for few days. The last date to apply might be May 26, 2018 or similar sort of date

How to Apply for HSC Admission 2018?

HSC Admission 2018 will be done completely based on online likewise what happened in recent years. The candidates will be given chance to apply after visiting one particular website which was developed only for this purpose. The website link has been given below.


Each student will have the chance to select minimum and maximum number of colleges as their preferences. Minimum of 5 colleges will have to be selected to run the process. An applicant will be given the chance to select maximum of 10 colleges as their preferences and based on that the selection process will be done. Applicant who cut brilliant figure in SSC 2018 will have advantage in terms of preference. A candidate will have to choose the colleges in such an order which will satisfy his/ her demand. In this case, maintain a numeric order is a must as the college chosen as number 1 will be considered the most desirable college of a particular student. If there is no vacancy then the system will move to number 2 college and try to allocate as seat for that particular student. This process will continue till the end of the preference list provided by the student.

HSC Admission 2018 Application Fee Payment

150 taka of application fee will have to be paid from teletalk mobile. There is a SMS format which has to be followed. The format is as follows.

CAD<space>WEB<space>Board<space>Roll<space>Passing Year<space>Registration No

And then send it to 16222.

SMS 2: CAD<space>Yes<space>PIN<space>Contact No And send it again to 16222.

Class XI Admission Application from Mobile SMS

Class XI Admission application can also be done from mobile SMS. The step by step process have been shown below.

CAD<space>EIIN<space>First 2 Letter of Desired Group<space>First 3 letter of SSC Board<space>SSC Roll<space>Passing Year<space>Registration Number<space>Shift Name<space>Version And send it to 16222.

Candidate who are applying for quota will add Quota word after Version.

HSC Admission Result 2018

HSC Admission result of 2018 will be published just after a few days of the completion of application. The approximate date of XI Class Admission result 2018 is June 5, 2018. The result will be found here on our site.

Get HSC Admission Result 2018 here on our site. Please browse to us and allow us to inform you all the necessary news and details. Thanks for your stay.

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