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If you are tech guys then this article is for you. Your dream is tech? Are you like Google
Engineer? Yes, you have great news here. So, read the below full article.

Question 1. What to do if you want to become a software engineer of Google?

Answer: -> Google is a World Wide platform. Almost everyone around the world wants to take themselves to this platform. However, it requires a lot of hard work + perseverance.

Those who have been good at programming since childhood or those who like coding a lot are a little ahead of others in this competition. In fact, we usually know more about software jobs than Google’s job.

But there are more than 50+ jobs at Google besides software engineers. Many of us don’t know or don’t want to know about those things. However, the post will be much bigger if we talk about this. If you are good at coding, then Google will prefer you.

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Question 2. What is the minimum qualification to apply to Google?

Answer 2: There are many big job places in the world including Google, but the certificate does not verify them. Just how much talent you have inside. You don’t even have to be from CSE or Software Engineer or various engineering departments to get a job in Google.

If you can do coding very well even after passing SSC or HSC then they will call you. So it can be said that the biggest job place in the world including Google sees creativity from the certificate.

They will test you to see how much talent you have to create something. If you qualify from that side then you are qualified.

Be An Engineer of Google

Question 3. Which programming languages ​​do you need to know for Google?

Answer 3. It is a very simple as well as complex question. The reason is that the question is asked in Google’s interview board, you know which programming language is the best.

Then someone can do C, then someone can do C ++, then someone can do C ++, then someone can do Java, then someone can do Java Script, then someone can do Python, whatever it is, suppose you can do Java well.

Then they will ask you questions from Java, never from any other programming language. But that question would be of the type of Gula, just like finding a needle in a haystack.

So you need to know the programming language so much that there can be no digging in it.

Question 4: -> How is Google’s interview board?

Answer 4: Google has a total of 5 steps.
1. Selection
2. Phone interview
3. Phone interview 2
4. Mock test
5. Last selection.

You have to face the same questions to get a job at Google

To get a job at Google, you have to face some strange questions on the interview board. These questions may be different for each position. Here are 10 questions:

1. Creative Specialist: Before hiring a creative specialist from Google, his general knowledge and skills are tested. In an interview in January 2016, the candidate for the post was asked: How do I explain the importance of HTML 5 to my grandmother after explaining it to Larry Page?

2. Database Admin: One of the important posts of Google is the Database Administrator. In an interview in December 2015 for the position, the question was asked, if you were given one billion US dollars and a spacecraft, how would you solve the biggest problem of human civilization?

3. Software engineers: Google also asks software engineers with complex questions. Earlier, an employee was asked, if you were given the responsibility of creating Google Maps from scratch, how would you guide a person standing at the Gateway of India (Mumbai) to India Gate?

4. Product Marketing Managers: Google’s product marketing managers may be asked questions before hiring, guessing the number of college seniors in the United States who are leaving the job each year after graduating with a four-year term.

5. Associate Product Manager: Employees in this position also have to face various tactical questions. Earlier, the question was, if you have the opportunity to use the bank’s database, how to create an ATM for the elderly using that information?

6. Product Manager: The position of Google’s product manager is considered important. The question for the job in this position is, how do you solve the problem of being homeless in downtown San Francisco?

7. Quantitative Compensation Analyst: If you open a new Google office somewhere in the world, how do you figure out the payroll for employees there?

8. Quantitative Analyst: If a coin is circulated 1000 times, the head falls 560 times. Do you think that coin is biased?

9. Engineering Manager: There are many interesting questions for this position. Suppose you need a sailor’s vote to get a captain of a pirate ship and a share of the looted gold. If you get less than half the votes, you will die. So how do you share that gold, so that more of your share falls and you survive?

10. Business Associates: How many ways do you look for a lost needle in a haystack?
Source: Prothom Alo

The first two phone interviews last for 30-45 minutes. Google Engineer Rai carries this Viva Gula. There are 3-4 Google engineers. And the mock test is practical.
You have to write the coding in front of them on a whiteboard with your own hands.

Question 5. What questions are asked more on Viva Board .. ??

Answer 5. The most frequently asked questions on viva boards are data structure, flow chart, algorithm (85% of the questions are asked in these 3 types).

Question 6. Can I dream of becoming a software engineer for Google .. ??

Answer 6: Why not. If you have the skills then you can be a googler. As we all think, to be a software engineer at Google, it seems to be something of an alien type.
It’s a misconception. In fact, nothing so complicated. In fact, I was the first to think about it, but after giving an interview on Google Job, this thought has disappeared from me.
After going through all the steps one by one, I went to the last step and dropped out, due to some mistake of my own. So since I have faced it myself, I have a lot of ideas about it. From that point of view, it is difficult, but not as difficult as we think.

Be An Engineer of Google

Question 7. What is my advice for becoming a software engineer of Google .. ??

Since I have not yet become a software engineer at Google, it is foolish to ask me for advice on this, but yes, since I have been able to go to the last step, I have a lot of ideas about this.

From that point of view, I have to say, I have to become a boss in programming. You just have to do programming for 7-8 hours a day with your eyes and ears closed and at the same time, you have to find a way to solve the complex problem and do the same.

If you keep doing this, you will discover a different power within yourself. And when it takes pleasure to do everything, not boring, then you will take the skill now.

8. How much is the salary of a Google software engineer in Bangladeshi Taka ..?

Answer 8. Usually, the salary of a software engineer from Google is around 1 crore 35 lakh Bangladeshi rupees.

At the same time, he is respected all over the world. At the same time, if you do a job at Google, starting from cutting hair from Google company, food and drink are given for free.

What other jobs does Google have besides software engineers?

A lot of people wanted to know about me, other than Google’s software engineer, about other jobs at Google.
Today I am highlighting some of the jobs of Google. Many people in this place may have different salaries, so I will not mention the amount of salary for any job, but I can say with certainty that all the salaries are above the crores of rupees.
I will also explain how to apply for a job at Google. The post will be very big so I am writing it short so that a lot of info can be given.

Now let’s go to the application method in Google Job. In fact, there are many ways to do a job interview on Google.

Many come in many ways. Sometimes luck favors. But usually through a programming contest, or an international contest or a good blog or a good project or at different times from different companies or if there is a reference from someone or through an application, Google calls for interviews in many more methods.

Many people get calls online because of too much programming or too much hassle. However, I am sharing the link of the application for the job in Google for the benefit of everyone.

Application link for Google Job -> (

From here you can apply for Google Job. Due to time constraints so far today, I will post more if needed at Next, thinking that it will be useful for many + many will benefit.
I hope this post will be useful for many.

I have written the post due to the request of many, so hopefully, everyone will find it useful and as well as many will benefit as well as get inspiration.

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