DGME Teletalk Com BD Admit Card 2023 – MBBS Admit Card

DGME Teletalk Com BD Admit Card 2023 has been published on the dgme.teletalk.com.bd website. If you are looking to pursue a career in the medical field, then the DGME Teletalk Com BD Admit Card 2023 is something you need to pay attention to. The Directorate General of Medical Education (DGME) is responsible for providing medical education and training in Bangladesh. Each year, the DGME conducts recruitment exams to select qualified candidates for various medical positions. The Admit Card is a crucial document that allows you to take part in the exam and could determine the course of your career. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the significance of the DGME Teletalk Com BD Admit Card 2023 and what you need to know to secure your future in the medical field. So, if you are serious about your medical career, keep reading to learn more!

DGME Teletalk Com BD Admit Card 2023

dgme teletalk com bd

For this year’s MBBS and BDS admission, the DGME Teletalk Com BD is the sole platform for submitting applications. The website will also publish Medical and Dental Admit Cards, and students must use the website to complete the admission form. Additionally, applicants can download admission circulars and application instructions from the website, along with their Admit Card and the applicant’s copy. The website also allows users to check their application fee payment status and instructions.

MBBS Admit Card 2023

The DGME has recently released the Admit Card for the Medical Colleges Admission Test 2023. To download the MBBS Admit Card, applicants can follow the link to the dgme teletalk com bd admit card website, where the Admit Card has already been uploaded under the MBBS Option.
Applicants can download the MBBS Admission Admit Card 2023 from 6th March 2023 until 7th March 2023. It’s important to note that the Admit Card cannot be downloaded after the deadline. The Government and Private Medical Colleges Admission Test 2022-2023 is scheduled to take place on 10 March 2023, from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

In order to download the Admit Card, applicants must log in using the User ID and Password that were assigned to them during their online application. These credentials will also be sent to them via SMS by DGME, along with the Admit Card Download Notice. Applicants will receive an SMS notification with instructions on how to download the Admit Card for the Medical College.

  • Click here: dgme.teletalk.com.bd website.
  • Now go to the MBBS Admission Option.
  • Now Go to the Admit Card option.
  • Now Provide your User ID and Password.
  • Press the Submit button.
  • Download the Admit Card PDF file
  • Print it in Color.

MBBS Admission Form 2023

The DGME Teletalk Com BD website is accepting applications for the Medical Admission Form 2022-23 this year. The MBBS Admission Form 2023 can be filled out between February 13th and February 23rd, 2023. To apply for admission, students will need to provide their SSC / equivalent and HSC / equivalent examination roll and registration numbers, as well as the board and year of pass. Additionally, students will need to indicate their quota information, permanent and current addresses, and Medical College preference order. The application will also require students to upload a photo and signature, with the photograph being 300 x 300 pixels and the maximum image size being 100KB in JPEG format. The signature must be 300 x 60 pixels and the maximum size in JPEG format is 60 KB. Students should follow the instructions provided below to complete the Medical College Admission Form.

To apply for MBBS admission, visit http://dgme.teletalk.com website and click on the MBBS Admission Option. Then, provide your SSC / equivalent and HSC / equivalent roll, registration number, board, and Pass year, as well as your quota information. Next, fill out the form with the necessary information, and submit a preference list of medical colleges. After that, preview and upload your photo and signature, and if everything appears to be in order, submit the application form. Finally, pay the application fee according to the instructions provided in the applicant’s copy.

Application Fee payment

Applicants must pay the Tk. 1000 MBBS application fee within 72 hours of submitting their online application. Payment can only be made through Teletalk mobile phone, following the instructions provided on the applicant’s copy. When making the payment, students must also indicate their preferred order for the admission test center, listing up to four choices separated by commas. A center will be designated for the admission test from these options, and its name will be provided upon successful payment of the application fee. To initiate the payment process, students should send the two SMS messages outlined below.

1st SMS: MBBS <space> user ID and send 16222.

Example: MBBS ABCDEFG and send to 16222.

Once the first SMS has been sent, Teletalk will respond with the applicant’s details and a PIN. Students must then use this PIN to send a second message.

2nd SMS: MBBS <space> YES <space> PIN <space> center code and send to 16222.

Example: MBBS 123456 19,38,47,26 and should be sent to 16222.

Upon sending the second message, a confirmation message containing a user ID and password will be sent back to the student. These credentials will be required to download the Medical College admission test Admit Card at a later time. To check the payment status, students can visit the admission website.

MBBS Admission

BDS Admission Form 2023

The application process for BDS Admission commenced on March 20. To apply for the Dental Admission Form 2023, visit the DGME Teletalk Com BD website, where applications will be accepted starting at 12:00 noon. You must pay the application fee through Teletalk at the end of the online application, which must be done within 72 hours of submitting the application. The deadline for the application is March 30, 2023, while the last date for online application fee payment is March 31, 2023. The application fee is Tk. 1000, and you can follow the instructions provided to complete the BDS Admission Form 2023.

  • Visit dgme.teletalk.com.bd website.
  • Enter the BDS admission option.
  • Enter the next step with your SSC and HSC information, quota information.
  • Fill out the application form with the required information.
  • Upload your photo and signature.
  • Submit the application and print the applicant’s copy.

Check out for Dental Admit Card 2023.

BDS Application Fee

Upon completing the online application, the applicant is required to pay a Tk. 1000 / – application fee within 72 hours. The application fee can be paid through two SMS messages, and the student must specify the admission test center when paying the fee.

1st SMS: BDS<space> User ID and Send to 16222.
Example: BDS FRLGCT and Send to 16222.


2nd SMS: BDS<space>YES<space>PIN<space>Center Codes and Send to 16222.
Example: BDS YES 456789 72,73,80,82 and Send to 16222

BDS Center Code and Names

  • Chattogram Medical College Dental Unit, Chattogram- 71
  • Dhaka Dental College, Dhaka-72
  • Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka-73
  • Khulna Medical College, Khulna-74
  • M.A.G. Osmani Medical College Denial Unit, Sylhet-75
  • Mymensingh Medical College Dental Unit, Mymcnsingh-76
  • Mugdha Medical College, Dhaka -77
  • Rajshahi Medical College Dental Unit, Rajshahi-78
  • Rangpur Medical College Dental Unit, Rangpur-79
  • Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Dental Unit, Dhaka-80
  • Sher-E-Bangla Medical College Dental Unit, Barishal-81
  • Sir Salimullah Medical College Dental Unit, Dhaka-82

The DGME Teletalk Com BD Admit Card 2023 is a critical document for students looking to pursue higher education in medical science. With its online application process and secure payment system, the platform offers a convenient and reliable way for students to apply for admission and obtain their admit card.

As we move forward, it is crucial to recognize the importance of technology in transforming the education landscape, especially in times of pandemic. The DGME Teletalk Com BD platform serves as a prime example of how technology can be leveraged to enhance accessibility, convenience, and security in the education sector.

As we continue to embrace technology in education, it is equally essential to ensure that we do not compromise the quality of education and student welfare in the process. Therefore, we must strive to strike a balance between technology and the human touch, providing students with a holistic learning experience that is both enriching and empowering.

In conclusion:

The DGME Teletalk Com BD Admit Card 2023 is not just a document, but a symbol of our commitment to leveraging technology to transform education and empower the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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