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Hello, dear Bank job Preparation candidate. Have you applied for a job in a bank? And are you worried about the Bank Job Preparation? Then this article is the best for you. Here we are going to present how to take Private Bank Job Preparation. So, stay with us and reading bellow full article.

Do you know how many Private Bank in Bangladesh? There are a total of 48 private banks while 9 foreign banks are currently operating in Bd. And other 39 local private banks.

Many Bangladeshi people are willing to work in private banks. Because here you are able to earn much more in less time. It is good to know that you can work in the Private Bank while you are an undergraduate.

Private Bank List in Bangladesh

There are a total of 48 private banks while 9 foreign banks are currently operating in Bangladesh. And other 39 local private banks.

There are some categories of private banks. Such as.

Conventional private commercial bank

Almost 34 conventional private commercial banks are now operating in the industry. They perform the banking functions in conventional such as interest-based operations.

  1. AB Bank Limited
  2. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited
  3. Bank Asia Limited
  4. BRAC Bank Limited
  5. City Bank Limited
  6. Community Bank Bangladesh Limited
  7. Dhaka Bank Limited
  8. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
  9. Eastern Bank Limited
  10. IFIC Bank Limited
  11. Jamuna Bank Limited
  12. Meghna Bank Limited
  13. Mercantile Bank Limited
  14. Midland Bank Limited
  15. Modhumoti Bank Limited
  16. Mutual Trust Bank Limited
  17. National Bank Limited
  18. National Credit & Commerce Bank Limited
  19. NRB Bank Limited
  20. NRB Commercial Bank Ltd
  21. NRB Global Bank Ltd
  22. One Bank Limited
  23. Padma Bank Limited
  24. Premier Bank Limited
  25. Prime Bank Limited
  26. Pubali Bank Limited
  27. Standard Bank Limited
  28. Shimanto Bank Ltd
  29. Southeast Bank Limited
  30. South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank Limited
  31. Trust Bank Limited
  32. United Commercial Bank Ltd
  33. Uttara Bank Limited
  34. Bengal Commercial Bank Ltd

Islamic Sharia Based Private Commercial Bank

There is 08 Islamic Sharia-based private commercial bank in Bangladesh and they execute banking activities according to Islamic Sharia-based principles that mean profit-loss sharing.

  1. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited
  2. EXIM Bank Limited
  3. First Security Islami Bank Limited
  4. ICB Islamic Bank Limited
  5. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
  6. Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited
  7. Social Islami Bank Limited
  8. Union Bank Ltd

Foreign commercial banks

Total 09 foreign commercial banks are operating in Bangladesh as the branches of the banks which are incorporated abroad.

  1. Bank Al-Falah Limited (Pakistan)
  2. Citibank N.A (United States of America)
  3. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC (Sri Lanka)
  4. Habib Bank Limited (Pakistan)
  5. HSBC (Hong Kong)
  6. National Bank of Pakistan (Pakistan)
  7. Standard Chartered Bank (United Kingdom)
  8. State Bank of India (India)
  9. Woori Bank (South Korea)

You have seen there are many private banks in our country. So, you can get a job very easily. However, if you can get a job in these private banks, you have to have good preparation.

Private Bank Job Preparation

Private Bank Job Preparation

Maybe you’re a Private bank job seeker. If you’re really curious about a Private bank job, attempt to read this text top to bottom. Because we are getting to share with you ways to require private bank job preparation easily and quickly. We will be able to attempt to offer you tons of secret suggestions that you simply can apply then you’ll achieve success in your preparation.

How to take Private Bank Job Preparation

There are some subjects for private bank job MCQ questions. Such as,

  1. Math
  2. English
  3. Analytical Ability
  4. Computer and IT related knowledge
  5. General knowledge

Descriptive questions are often Math, English, Analytical ability, and contemporary issues. You’ve got to write down your own perspective. Writing topic-wise essays and translating Bangla to English and English to Bangla.

Private sector banks do mass hiring all the time, especially on the vending side. And that they keep trying to find fresher’s. You would like to be a graduate from any recognized university with 50% marks and above. Keep watching the career section of their websites; have a sensible LinkedIn profile; use the services of reputed headhunters and believe your personal network.

The hiring process is often fairly detailed and grueling sometimes as they might do a 360-degree evaluation of the candidates.

To help bank job aspirants prepare well for his or her interviews, I even have authored a book titled ‘Be a BankPro’.

It is a comprehensive bank guide that can enable you with the newest banking domain knowledge; job skills like customer handling; the way to sell bank products and meet targets; capital markets; financial advisory; core banking systems; new technology trends; channels and platforms, regulatory compliance; general and finance awareness; quizzes; a wide selection of mock interview questions; the way to steel oneself against GDs and therefore the contemporary topics one can expect, etc.

Primary Key for Private Bank Job Preparation:

* Previous years questions solve

Math preparation for private bank job

Then you ought to read the maths for Job Preparation. I will be able to suggest you are trying to be very attentive and careful about Math. Because you’ll not get common. From now you’ll do math with creative knowledge. Attempt to understand specific Mathematical topics. It’ll be beneficial for you. Because you’ll get common topics, not same math’s.

English preparation for private bank job

English may be a key to the success of a personal bank. So, English is the most important part of personal bank job preparation. English preparation means good at grammar, speaking, and writing.

I will share with you a secret strategy to enhance your English preparation that attempts to be focused on specific topics, not a book. Because once you really realize a subject completely. You’ll give answer any questions. It’s really amazing. You recognize that English grammar topics are extremely few. Almost 20-22 topics only. If you are trying to find out one by one topic. You’ll be ready to answer any private bank job English question.

For the writing section, I will be able to suggest you write something about contemporary issues. It’s considerably helpful. Because once you attend a personal bank job, you’ll have 1 hour but you’ve got to offer a solution MCQ and written part together at an equivalent time. If your writing skill isn’t ok, you can’t overcome your job exam. So, writing skill is extremely important.

Then you have to Analytical Ability preparation for private bank Job, Computer and IT for private bank job preparation, General knowledge for private bank job preparation.

Viva Exam preparation for Private Bank Job

It is said that viva exam is equally important to urge private bank job. Sometimes, they’re taken presentation in the viva exam.

You should realize this private company which company you’re getting to attend the viva exam. You ought to realize the process of the personal banking sector.

Viva Exam preparation for Private Bank Job

I will suggest you, satisfy someone who has already joined the non-public bank as an employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can a fresher join a private banking job?

A: Actually there are all fresher’s graduates start his first job in private banking jobs. If you are a fresher’s graduate but want to do a job in a private bank, you should try to take preparation soon. Then find out available bank job circular & apply.

Q: Is a private bank job good?

A: Yes, a private bank job is good. If you want to build a good career quickly as well as take pressure and make fulfill the target.

Q: Which private bank is best for the job?

A: It is a really common question and equally important for us. I personally like Islamic Shariah Based Private Commercial banks. Those banking activities according to Islami shariah-based principles mean profit-loss sharing.

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