SSC Short Syllabus 2024 – All Subject PDF Download

Are you a student preparing for the SSC exams in 2024? Do you want to know what’s in store for you in terms of the syllabus? If so, you’re in the right place. The SSC Short Syllabus 2024 is a topic of great interest for students, parents, and educators alike. With the pandemic still raging across the globe, the education sector has been severely impacted, leading to the need for a revised syllabus that takes into account the reduced academic year. But what does this mean for you, the student? How will the SSC Short Syllabus 2024 affect your preparation for the exams? Read on to find out.

SSC (Secondary School Certificate) Exam 2024 is declared. The educational institute is closed all over Bangladesh due to the flood. That’s why it becomes out of the question to make up for the whole syllabus in a short time. However, in addition, NCTB has chosen to shorten the SSC syllabus along with the Ministry of Education. SSC Short Syllabus 2024 was published on the NCTB website on 14 February 2024. 

Reason for NCTB’s SSC Short Syllabus 2024: 

The educational institutes of BD have been shut down since March 2020. Students are out of class for a year and months, and they can not attend their classes. A new year passes day by day, but the educational institutes are not reopened till now. The Ministry of Education declared the school would reopen on 13 June 2021 (this is the probable date).

Already five months have gone by, and it is impossible to complete the whole SSC syllabus in this remaining time. So, the Ministry of Education and NCTB published SSC Short Syllabus 2024 for SSC and its equivalent candidates. 

SSC Short Syllabus 2024

If you read this short syllabus very carefully then we hope your SSC result will be good.

SSC short syllabus 2024 pdf all subject

Are you a student appearing for the SSC exams in 2024 and looking for the latest syllabus for all subjects? With the ongoing pandemic and the associated disruptions, the education system has undergone significant changes, including the revision of the syllabus for many exams, including the SSC exams. The SSC Short Syllabus 2024 PDF for all subjects has been recently released, causing a buzz among students and educators alike. This syllabus aims to cover the most crucial topics for each subject, allowing students to focus their efforts and improve their chances of success in the exams. As a student, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest syllabus and prepare accordingly. This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the SSC Short Syllabus 2024 PDF for all subjects, so you can ace your exams with confidence.

SSC Short Syllabus 2024 NCTB

Class 10 Short syllabus is provided here for SSC candidates. So start studying through the syllabus without getting cluttered. And I hope you can get very good results if you take the exam through this syllabus. Let’s know some short info about SSC short syllabus.

  • Syllabus for SSC and equivalent students.
  • Exams will be held on July 13, 2024.
  • Published by NCTB (National Curriculum & Textbook Board).
  • Short Syllabus reduced by up to 30% of the original SSC syllabus.

This new revised SSC short syllabus 2024 is designed to complete in 150 days. The 2024 SSC and its equivalent exam will be taken after completing these 150 days of classes. However, the probable SSC exam for 2024 may be held in November & December 2021. 

JSC Short Syllabus 2024 With Mark Distribution

All Subject Class 10/SSC Short Syllabus 2024 

The SSC exam candidates will be attending exams for 13 subjects. Five subjects are compulsory for all students & 8 subjects will be group wise. We have worked hard to separate the Class 10 short syllabus subject-wise for your help. Check the following subject-wise SSC short syllabus to get the proper idea about your upcoming SSC examination. 

Compulsory Subjects for SSC 2024 short syllabus:

  1. Bangla_1st Paper

Bangla_2nd Paper

  1. English_1st Paper

English_2nd Paper

  1. Mathematics
  2. Islam and Moral Studies
  3. ICT(Information Communication and Technology)

SSC Short Syllabus 2024 for  (Arts) Humanities Group:

Are you a student of the humanities group and looking for an SSC short syllabus for the (Arts) Humanities group? Then you will get your syllabus here. We collect the PDF file and attach it here for you. 

  • General Science
  • Economics
  • Civics
  • History and Civilization
  • Geography and Environment

SSC Short Syllabus 2023-24 PDF

Would you like to get SSC Short Syllabus in PDF format? One of the advantages of the syllabus in PDF format is that you can store it on your device at any time. And so we think the PDF file is very important for SSC students.

SSC Short Syllabus 2024 for Science Group:

Are you a student of the science group and eagerly awaiting your group subjects’ short syllabus? We uploaded the subject-wise syllabus file in PDF for you. Please keep to the below-stated PDF file and get your syllabus. 

  1. Biology
  2. Physics
  3. Higher Math 
  4. Chemistry
  5. Bangladesh and Global Studies

SSC Short Syllabus for Business Studies Group:

Check the following PDF file if you are a student of business studies (Commerce Group).

  1. SSC Short Syllabus Business Ent. 2024
  2. SSC Short Syllabus Accounting 2024
  3. SSC Short Syllabus Finance 2024
  4. SSC Short Syllabus Agriculture 2024

PDF Download for SSC Short Syllabus 2024:

Do you want to download the PDF file of the SSC short syllabus for 2024? Then you are welcome to download it by following the below-mentioned instructions.  

Step-1: Visit or syllabus

Step-2: Click the notice

SSC Level

Step-3: Download the ZIP File

Unzip the ZIP file to open the PDF File.

Step-4: Select the PDF file and download

Open the PDF file to check on your subject-wise short syllabus for the SSC exam 2024. 

SSC Short Syllabus for all education boards:

Here you will find the SSC Short Syllabus 2021-22 for all education boards with their included subjects. Download your desired PDF file from the following.

  1. SSC Short Syllabus Bangla 1 2024
  2. SSC Short Syllabus Bangla 2 2024
  3. SSC Short Syllabus English 1 2024
  4. SSC Short Syllabus English 2 2024
  5. SSC Short Syllabus Math-2024
  6. Short Syllabus ICT SSC__2024
  7. SSC Short Syllabus Biology–2024
  8. SSC Short Syllabus Higher math–2024
  9. SSC Short Syllabus Physics–2024
  10. SSC Short Syllabus Chemistry–2024
  11. SSC Short Syllabus Economics–2024
  12. SSC Short Syllabus Bangladesh and Global Studies-2024
  13. SSC Short Syllabus Science-2024
  14. SSC Short Syllabus Civics-2024
  15. SSC Short Syllabus History
  16. SSS Short Syllabus Geography & Environment 2024
  17. 2024 SSC Short Syllabus Business Ent. 2024
  18. SSC Short Syllabus Accounting 
  19. SSC Short Syllabus Agriculture- 2024
  20. SSC Short Syllabus Finance -2024
  21. SSC Short Syllabus Home Science -2024
  22. SSC Short Syllabus Career Education–2024
  23. SSC Short Syllabus Arts & Crafts–2024 
  24. SSC Short Syllabus Physical Education– 2024
  25. SSC__Islam and moral Education– 2024
  26. SSC Short Syllabus Hindu Religion and Moral Education–2024
  27. SSC Short Syllabus Christian and Moral Education– 2024
  28. SSC Short Syllabus Buddhist Religion and Moral Education–2024

Final Verdict:

As we wrap up this discussion on the SSC Short Syllabus 2024, it is evident that the pandemic has had a profound impact on the education system, leading to a shift in priorities and a revised syllabus for many exams, including the SSC exams. However, this shift may not be all negative, as it has allowed us to re-evaluate the way we approach education and adapt to the new normal. The SSC Short Syllabus 2024 has been designed to provide students with a more focused and streamlined approach to their studies, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of the core concepts and excel in their exams.

As we move forward, it is essential to remember that education is not just about memorizing information and passing exams but about developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and lifelong learning skills. While the SSC Short Syllabus 2024 provides a framework for students to succeed in their exams, it is equally important to focus on building a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that will serve them well in their future endeavors.

In conclusion, the SSC Short Syllabus 2024 is a necessary adaptation to the current situation, but it also offers an opportunity to rethink the way we approach education and empower students to become lifelong learners. As we face new challenges and opportunities in the future, let us strive to continue this evolution of education and pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.

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