National University Top College Ranking In Bangladesh

Interested in knowing about the National University Top College ranking in Bangladesh?

If you are ready to admit yourself to university, you need to know about the best national universities in Bangladesh. There are 685 affiliated universities of the national universities available in Bangladesh. But not all the university’s education system is the same.

Reading all the information about the 685 universities isn’t possible. Then How can you understand which universities are best

We are here to help you. We will present the top five universities of Bangladesh among the 685 universities, along with all division top university lists of Bangladesh. 

Excited to know about the National University Top College Ranking In Bangladesh or the top national university list?

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Top university

National University Top College Ranking In Bangladesh

Getting the top university title among 685 affiliates isn’t so easy. It depends on many factors. The national university has done this difficult work. The authority has researched 31 factors like the result, student attendance rate, principal, and other teachers’ education, digitization, environment, and even teacher attended rate. After knowing about 31 categories, the national university finds out the top universities and has given them the position they deserve. The NU didn’t only find out the top universities of Bangladesh; they have also listed down the top universities of each division.

We have the top university list announced by Prof. Dr. Harun Ar Rashid, the Vice-Chancellor of Bangladesh National University.

Top university of Bangladesh

Depending on the performance of these universities, the national university has done a survey and recently announced the top university list in Bangladesh. Here is the National University Top College Ranking In Bangladesh list.

  1. Rajshahi College, Rajshahi
  2. Eden Mohila College, Dhaka
  3. Dhaka College, Dhaka
  4. Dhaka Commerce College, Dhaka (Private)
  5. Brojomohun College, Barishal
  6. Government Azizul Haque College, Bogra
  7. Anondo Mohon College, Mymensingh
  8. Carmichael College Rangpur
  9. Government Saadat College, Tangail
  10. Lalmatia Mohila College, Dhaka (Private)

Top university of each division

Knowing about only the best university in Bangladesh isn’t enough for you. Only a small percentage of students can admit themselves to the top universities of Bangladesh. What about the rest? If you can’t get a place in the top university in Bangladesh? Many more options are there for you. 

You may get a good option in your division that will make it simpler to complete your education. We have the list of division toppers to help you get yourself admitted to the best university in your division, the near division, or any division you want. Let’s dive in to know them.

Top University of Dhaka – Mymensingh Division

Everyone knows Dhaka isn’t only known for its name but also for its facilities. Dhaka-Mymensingh division universities have won most of the top-listed positions in Bangladesh. The top Mahila University of Bangladesh, the Eden Mahila College, is in the Dhaka division. The best private college, Commerce College, is also in Dhaka. Some more are there; you have read above them. Now, let’s know about the specific top universities of the Dhaka-Mymensingh division.

Top 10 University of Dhaka – Mymensingh Division

  1. Eden Mohila College, Dhaka
  2. Dhaka College, Dhaka
  3. Dhaka Commerce College, Dhaka (Private)
  4. Anondo Mohon College, Mymensingh
  5. Government Saadat College, Tangail
  6. Lalmatia Mohila College, Dhaka (Private)
  7. Government Titumir College, Dhaka
  8. Government Bangla College, Dhaka
  9. Dhaka City College, Dhaka (Private)
  10. Kabi Nazrul Government College, Dhaka

Top 10 University of Rajshahi Division

Rajshahi division is always known for its high performance. Most of the GPA-5 and top results go in the bag of the Rajshahi division. The famous Rajshahi University has already got a position as the top university in Bangladesh. But leaving this university some more universities of Rajshahi are there that are doing well. Want to know about the Rajshahi universities? Here is the list of the top affiliated universities of national universities of the Rajshahi division. 

Rajshahi College, Rajshahi

  1. Rajshahi College, Rajshahi
  2. Government Azizul Haque College, Bogra
  3. Sirajganj Government College, Sirajganj
  4. Vobanigonj College, Rajshahi (Private)
  5. Sayed Ahmed College, Bogra (Private)
  6. Government Women’s College Rajshahi
  7. Nawabganj Govt. College, Chapainawabganj
  8. Naogaon Government College, Naogaon
  9. Govt Mujibur Rahman Mohila College Bogra
  10. New Govt Degree College Rajshahi

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Best university of Barisal division

So what if any of the University of Barisal couldn’t make a place in the top university of Bangladesh? It doesn’t mean Barisal is less than other divisions. Barisal division also has some of the good universities to look for. You can check out the top national universities of the Barisal division here.

  1. Govt. Brojomohun College, Barishal
  2. Govt Mohila College, Barishal
  3. Govt Barishal College, Barishal
  4. Bhola Govt College, Bhola
  5. Barguna Govt College, Barguna
  6. Govt. Syed Hatem Ali College Barisal
  7. Govt. Suhrawardy College – Pirojpur
  8. Charfassion Govt. College, Bhola
  9. Govt. Fazlul Haque College, Barisal

Top 10 University of Rangpur division

If you are living in Rangpur or near Rangpur and in search of a top university you can check out the list of top national universities of Rangpur. We have collected the list from the national university published survey, where they have published the top university of Bangladesh along with other divisions’ top university lists. Check out below to know the top national university of Rangpur division.

  1. Carmichael College Rangpur
  2. Dinajpur Govt College, Dinajpur
  3. Alimuddin College, Lalmonirhat (Private)
  4. Govt. Begum Rokeya College Rangpur
  5. Kurigram Govt College, Kurigram
  6. Uttar Bangla College Lalmonirhat(Private)
  7. Nilphamari Govt. College, Nilphamari
  8. Dinajpur Govt Mohila College, Dinajpur
  9. Lalmonirhat Govt. College, Lalmonirhat
  10. Rangpur Govt. College, Rangpur

Top 10 University of Chittagong Division

  1. Chittagong Govt College, Chittagong
  2. Comilla Victoria Government College
  3. Feni Government College, Feni
  4. Government City College, Chittagong
  5. Government Mohila College, Chittagong
  6. Government Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College, Chittagong
  7. Patiya Govt. College Chittagong
  8. Lakshmipur Government College, Lakshmipur
  9. Brahmanbaria Government College
  10. Omargoni MES College, Chittagong (Private)

Top 10 University of Khulna Division

  1. Govt MM College Jessore
  2. Kumira Mohila Degree College, Satkhira (Private)
  3. Govt Mohila College Jessore
  4. Chuadanga Govt College, Chuadanga
  5. Uposhohor Mohila Degree College, Jessore (Private)
  6. Satkhira City College, Satkhira (Private)
  7. Kustia Govt. Mohila College, Kushtia
  8. Govt. P. C. College, Bagerhat
  9. Govt. Shyam Nagar Mohsin College, Satkhira
  10. Noapara College, Jessore (Private)

Best University of Sylhet Division

  1. Sylhet MC College, Sylhet
  2. Brindaban Govt College, Habiganj
  3. Govt Mohila College, Sylhet
  4. Moulvibazar Govt College, Moulvibazar
  5. Madan Mohon College, Sylhet (Private)
  6. Sunamganj Govt College, Sunamganj
  7. Dakshin Surma College, Sylhet (Private)
  8. Sreemangal Govt. College, Maulvibazar

National University Top College Ranking In Bangladesh: All the ranked affiliate universities of the national universities will be awarded very soon. They will get a certificate and award for their achievement. The education minister will be there to honor the top affiliate universities of Bangladesh and division toppers.

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National University College Ranking In Bangladesh

We have shared the top-ranked universities of Bangladesh and each division’s toppers. If you want, you can download the National University Top College Ranking In Bangladesh list from our website. We have the pdf file. And our provided information is accurate as we have sourced them from the national university. If you have any queries about the top universities of Bangladesh, you can ask us through a comment. We will respond as soon as we can. You can also share your thoughts with us through a comment or email like did our article helped you or not. If you have a related topic you want to know about you can tell us, and we will surely bring that topic information for you very soon.

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