Top Private Universities in Bangladesh for Pharmacy

Top Private Universities in Bangladesh for Pharmacy: Are you interested in studying pharmacy? Unable to understand which university will be best for taking the B.Pharm (honors) program?

Don’t get nervous.

Finding the best university that ensures the best education isn’t so easy. There are so many Private universities available in Bangladesh.

We have a list of some of the Top Private Universities in Bangladesh for Pharmacy listed after hours of research.

When you want to get yourself admitted for better studying, obviously, you won’t love to go into an institution that can’t ensure the best educational facilities, right? There are so many students’ common questions about which public university is best for pharmacy in Bangladesh.

So you have to choose a university among the top universities that offered the best facilities.

But selecting the best private university for pharmacy in Bangladesh in 2024 won’t be so easy. You have to know the details information about the university, its ranking position, education quality, whether UGC is approved or not, etc.

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In this case, we can help you. We have a list of the top 10 private universities in Bangladesh for a pharmacy.

Scroll down and learn more; we hope you will find your best match university.

Top Ten Private University in Bangladesh for Pharmacy

Top 10 Private Universities in Bangladesh for Pharmacy. The program pharmacy is a program of the bachelor of pharmacy degree or B.Pharm. This program takes four years to complete; you have to give a total of eight semesters to earn the certificate.

Many universities in Bangladesh, approved by the Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh (PCB), provide pharmaceutical education ( B.Pharm, M.Pharm, D.Pharm, Pharm D). In this program, students will have to cover the arena of pharma technology, pharma chemistry, pharmacology, chemistry interaction, hospital pharmacy, clinic pharmacy, physiology, pathology, biotechnology mathematics, computer science, etc., that a pharmacist needs to know.

You will find many private universities that offer pharma programs and ensure you learn everything you need.

Check out the Top Private Universities in Bangladesh for Pharmacy list; you will get all the needed information about the top private universities’ history, facilities, ranking position, learning sources, etc.

Rank 1. Daffodil International University

Top Private Universities in Bangladesh for Pharmacy

Daffodil International is a university with an international level of education. This university is one of the Top Private Universities for Pharmacy in Bangladesh. This university was established in 2002, 24th January, by following the Private University Act 1992, and in 2010 the rules got replaced with the private university act 2010.

DIU is located in Dhaka, but its original campus is in the smart daffodil city, of Ashulia. This campus is situated over 125 acres of land. It has an auditorium, playground, basketball court, gymnasium, food court, swimming pool, innovation lab, golf course, artificial fountain, hostel, staff quarter, and many facilities.

Daffodil is one of the top-ranking universities in Bangladesh according to QS university ranking, Asia 2024. Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2024 gives the first ranking position to this university from Bangladesh.

DIU is the first university among all private universities in Bangladesh and the fourth university among all the universities of Bangladesh (SCOPUS indexes research publications,2019).

DIU has 23 departments that are divided into five faculties. The Department of pharma is under the faculty of applied health science.

B.Pharma will cost you a total of 8,47,850 TK in four years, and a Master of Pharmacy will cost 1,72,250-1,85,250 TK in one year.

Rank 2. North-South University for Pharmacy

The north-south university is privately funded. It’s a business school that is the first one to receive ACBSP from Bangladesh.

North-south is the largest research university in Bangladesh in terms of student count. Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Research (FPER), a non-profit, charitable, non-political, and non-commercial organization, founded this NSU university as the first research university in Bangladesh. It was all a self-funded private university. Later the FPER was renamed the NSU Foundation. Now, this foundation is called the North-South Foundation for Education and Research.

The plan of building an excellent higher education university in the private sector came into mind in the 1990s, and the foundation fulfilled its dream on 10th February 1993 with its tireless efforts, full dedication, and hard work.

NSU was founded by following the law of the Private University Act 1992. The campus of NSU is situated in Dhaka ( Bashundhara Residential Area). This campus was inaugurated by Begum Khaleda Zia on 30 January 2003. Up to 12k students can be served with full amenities and facilities. The campus has six buildings and three basements. The entire campus is located on seven acres of land, with 1,250,000 square feet of floor space.

The NSU Library is on the southeastern corner of the campus; its floor space is 70,000 square feet. The library is the first fully automated library of a university in Bangladesh managed with management software. This library supports an RFID system, full-text-e-books, webs based online circulation system, online journal article repository services, etc. more than 1,200 students can accommodate this library at a time, and 2,000 students use this library on average daily. Huge learning resources, both offline and online, are available in the NSU library.

NSU has ten academic departments that are divided into four schools. If you want to get yourself admitted into the pharma department must admit to the school of health and life science.

NSU has two departments in pharmaceuticals, one is MS in pharmaceuticals technology & Bio-Pharmaceutics and the other one is MS in Pharmacy in Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy. Both programs will cost you 5,000 TK per credit and a 20,000 admission fee.

Rank 3. Stamford University

Stamford University For Pharmacy

Stamford University is one of the best private universities in Bangladesh. It’s a university situated in Dhaka. This university was established as a university in 2002 by maintaining the rules and regulations of the Private University Act. Before 2002 it was known as a Stamford College Group. The date of the foundation of this institution was 1994, and in 2002 it was updated into a private university. Stamford University got the ISO certificate; it was the first university that got this certificate in Bangladesh.

Stamford is a big university; it has multiple campuses around the Dhanmondi and the siddeshwari area of Dhaka city. Stamford university has designed its campus beautifully with an outdoor basketball ground, cafe, campus shop, and swimming pool to make it comfortable.

Stamford University Bangladesh has fourteen departments. The Department of Pharmacy has two programs, a bachelor of pharmacy with honors and a master of pharmacy. This university provides a credit transfer facility which means students of this university can study in other reputed universities of the world. Already Stamford has transferred more than a hundred students of different groups to complete programs like BBA, MBA, CSI, and CSE in various universities of the US, UK, Canada, Thailand, and Australia. Stamford is associated with Claflin University, State University of Newyork, Monash University, Australia, etc., for credit transfer and joint degree programs.

Stamford university will cost a total fee of 6,68,200 to complete a bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) program.

Rank 4.The University of Asia Pacific for Pharmacy

The University of Asia Pacific is one of the oldest private universities. It was founded under the private university act 1992. This university was established in 1996, and the UGC approves all the curriculum of this university.

The first program this university offered in 1996 was a four-year bachelor’s degree program in business administration and computer science & Technology. And now this university offers all undergraduate programs like Law, English, Architecture, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, pharmacy, and electronic engineering.

University of Asia Pacific Foundation has sponsored this UAP. This organization is a non-profit and non-commercial organization in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The University of Asia Pacific has eight departments; pharmacy is one of them. You can trust their eligibility; they will ensure high-quality education for each student.

This university will cost 8,73,200 TK Total Fees for Bachelor of Pharmacy, MS in Pharmaceutical Technology (Non-Thesis) will cost 1,60,00TK, and MS in Pharmaceutical Technology (Thesis) will cost 1,90,00 TK.

Rank 5. ASA University

ASA University is another top private university in Bangladesh. It’s situated in symoly, Dhaka. This university was established following the Private University Act 1992. It’s an affiliated university of the University Grants Commission Bangladesh.

ASA provides quality higher education at a very affordable cost. This university pride itself because, along with high-quality education, it also focuses on employability and the future career planning of every graduate.

This university is enriched with many facilities like an extensive library where 200 students can accommodate at a time, a computer lab with 200 computers, and an auditorium where 650 people can join.

To groom the student’s skills, ASA university has proper arrangements for co-curricular activities. It’s associated with many clubs that help to develop student’s skills and creativity. There is a total of fourteen clubs in different faculty. Four clubs for the BBA faculty, nine for the law faculty, and one for the English faculty. These clubs organize many programs, conferences, seminars, workshops, social activities, competitions, etc.

ASA has many graduate programs. Among all of them, the pharma program is B.Pharma.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) will cost 5,27,210 TK after a 20% waiver on tuition fees.

Rank 6. BRAC University

BRAC University is founded in 2001 by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed following the private University Act 1992.

This university is located on Mohakhali 66, Dhaka. Its residential campus is on Savar, where students spend a semester and take some specific courses and complete community tasks during the whole week. And Friday and Saturday, the students spend time in landmark sites visiting nursing homes and orphanages to expand their knowledge level.

BRAC is based on the American Liberal Arts college model.

It started its journey with three departments and eighty students. The first convocation was in January 2006. At that time, BRAC offered only a limited number of bachelor’s degrees. With time the university grew, and the number of degree programs increased and introduced the Master’s degrees.

The library is an essential part of a university to ensure students learn not only formal books but also expand their knowledge in other fields. That’s why the founder Sir Abed, built The Ayesha Abed library which was digitalized just after its inception.

In 2020, BRAC had 20 schools of program, and around 11,200 students were studying in their institutes. Another new campus is under construction of this university in Merul Badda, Dhaka. If everything goes smoothly, BRAC University will introduce its new campus in 2024.

BRAC University will cost you around 80,000-90,00 TK per credit.

7. Bangladesh International Islamic University, Chittagong

Bangladesh Islamic University Chittagong is one of the popular private universities in Bangladesh. It was established in 1995 following the Private Universities Act of 1992. This university is founded by the Islamic university Chittagong trust. In 2000, the Islamic university Chittagong was updated and named the International Islamic University Chittagong.

This university got a position among the top-graded private university by the UGC chairman.

International Islamic University is the largest university in Bangladesh. It has 14000 students, some of them come from various countries of the world. Three hundred seventy teachers are there to help the students to learn the best.

The university offers six degrees. Among all the programs, pharma is the department of the faculty of science and engineering. Bachelor of pharma or B.pharma is the degree you are looking for, and here you can get one. This university is an international university, so the education quality is high and upgraded level, and you can trust this university to complete your pharma education.

This university didn’t mention the total how much this pharma program will cost you.

8. Southeast University

Southeast University is one of the reputed private universities in Bangladesh. Its located on two campuses, Banani and Tejgaon, Dhaka. This university was established in June 2002 following Private University Act 1992. SouthEast University is approved by the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The chancellor of this university is the president of Bangladesh.

Southeast University has a library that is IP-based. It works only within the Southeast campus. The library offers several services like reference, counseling, circulation, indexing, bibliographical documentation, retrospective searches, backup services, etc.

This library is a space of area 6,500 square feet and has a total of 15,000 books (including journals).

There are three schools of faculty and pharma is under the school of science and engineering. Southeast also offers two diploma courses, a diploma in communicative English and a postgraduate diploma in the world trade organization.

Southeast university will cost you a total of approximately 7,18,000 TK in four years to complete the B.Pharma program.

9. East-West University

The east-west university is another popular private university in Bangladesh. It was established in 1996 following the Private University Act 1992. It’s located in Aftabnagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

This university was founded by the non-profit, charitable, non-political organization Progoti Foundation for Education and Development (PFED).

The permanent campus of the east-west university is in Aftab Nagar, a total of 10,400 students stay there. This campus is situated over 7.4 bighas of land and a 4,58,957.04 square feet university complex. All modern facilities are served by this university. The library is covering 11000 sq. ft in its new campus, it will have a journal section, photocopy corner, a newspaper display section, database search corner, etc. An average of 2,200 students use this library daily. The east-west library has 22,00 books, 135 national and international journal hardcopy, 3,300 online journals, 16 daily newspapers, and 1500 audio cassettes and CD-ROMs.

The east-west university has three faculties, and each of the faculties has departments. B.pharma degree is in the department of computer science and engineering.

B.pharma will cost you a total of 9,81,120 TK at East-West university.

10. Primeasia University for Pharmacy

Primeasia University was established in August 2003. It was founded with the agenda of serving society, and offering higher education to all. The founder of the University MD Nazrul Islam feel the need for higher education and wanted to help people in fighting against illiteracy, food insecurity, poverty, population explosion, etc.

In 2003 this university had only 35 students but in a short time, it grew up fastly and became one of the most popular private universities in Bangladesh.

Primeasia University campus is in Banani, Dhaka. The total floor space is approximately 1,38,667 square ft. It has two buildings, one is 16 storied and the other one is six storied. Now the university has twelve departments and four schools. A total of 4000-50000 students can take its facilities and amenities. All the departments of this university are enriched with well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and other needed facilities.

B.Pharma and M.Pharma are under the school of biological science and pharmacy department out of four schools and twelve departments.

B.Pharma will cost total 5,50,000 TK & M. Pharma ( general group) will cost 1,30,000 TK, M.Pharma ( Thesis Group) will cost you 1,52,000TK.

So that’s it for our Top Private Universities in Bangladesh for Pharmacy. Now we’d like to hear from you. Which University from the above list are you going to love? Do you want to study there? Or maybe we miss any top-ranked universities. Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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